What is Brain Computer interface and how it work

Brain-computer interface is a combination between brain and device which alerts the signal from brain to some external activity to control the parenthetic arm. The interface set up a communication path between the brain and device to be controlled. Whereas Signals are reading from the array of neurons by using the computer chips program to convert the signal into action.

The major challenges are facing through brain-computer is now basic mechanism interface itself. Device EEG means Electro-encephalo-graph is a device which consists a set of electrodes in one Device that is attached to the scalp. Electrodes can read the brain signals. Therefore skull blocks huge electrical signals in the brain.

To obtain a high-resolution signal from the brain, Scientists will place the electrodes directly on the gray portion of the brain or on the surface of the brain near to skull. Which allows the more receiving of electrical signals they are going to place electrodes in the specific area of the brain.