China Launching Lunar Space Probe in Moon

Yesterday china has announced plans to launch a space probe for to take back samples from the moon advanced this end of the year in state media appearance as competition to US President Donald Trump eagerness to revitalize US space exploration.

The change 5 lunar probes will be conducted a final round of tests and are supposed to be on standby for launch from August. The official people daily responded meeting at the china national space organization.
After this launch, there will be new challenges involve for china in sample collection from the moon and high speed with re-entry to the Earth

Environment. He announced that china is one of the most complex and difficult space missions Hu Hao an official from china Lunar Exploration programmer said the paper.

Currently, the United States Trump Administration announced will be part of the goal to return the moon. Our country also announced a series of deep space exploration plans reviled in the official Science and upgraded with the latest technology

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