Why Women’s Day?

International women’s day will be celebrated in every year on March 8th.As you all know the women’s day is a special day for women’s and we don’t know the mystery behind Women’s day.In 1909 socialist party in America on February 28th.The celebration of women’s day is achievements of women.

In August 1910  international women conference was conducted in Denmark by the inspiration of American socialist and German socialist Luise Zietz has announced by feminist and they have not yet decided the date in the conference.A Hundred women from 17 countries accepted to promote the equal rights for women.

In 1913 Russian women’s are struggled by doing some women –led strikes and marches for the international Women’s day. Trafalgar square is supported for women suffrage in London on March 8 .Sylvia Pankhurst has arrested in front of charging cross station.

At October revolution both Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai and Vladimir Lenin was declared an official holiday for the women at the Soviet Union and it was working day until 1995.May 8th USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet has declared the international women’s day is the Non-working day.Finally, Russia completely declared the official holiday on March 8th is the international women’s day.