What is Brain Computer interface and how it work

Brain-computer interface is a combination between brain and device which alerts the signal from brain to some external activity to control the parenthetic arm. The interface set up a communication path between the brain and device to be controlled. Whereas Signals are reading from the array of neurons by using the computer chips program to convert the signal into action.

The major challenges are facing through brain-computer is now basic mechanism interface itself. Device EEG means Electro-encephalo-graph is a device which consists a set of electrodes in one Device that is attached to the scalp. Electrodes can read the brain signals. Therefore skull blocks huge electrical signals in the brain.

To obtain a high-resolution signal from the brain, Scientists will place the electrodes directly on the gray portion of the brain or on the surface of the brain near to skull. Which allows the more receiving of electrical signals they are going to place electrodes in the specific area of the brain.

Ios and Android app for Home Automation

One easiest process to understand technology’s underlying design is its efficiency. Whenever anything can be created to solve a difficulty or create a process more efficient, technology can move a long way to enhance our days. By the beginning of IoT internet of information, the future of smart devices has succeeded. However, the ecosystem of these devices is quite costly and complex externally a single solution.

Consider an example house automation including the thousands of gadgets and apps that have emerged from large producers to viral Kick starter operations.To home automation, maximum apps or IoT devices operate indifferently the one should control particular actions like turning on a coffee maker or locking your front door. It’s grand to have these controls, but perhaps you want just a little more customization.

Although only available currently on iOS devices, the Smart Rules app allows you sync over multiple IoT home appliances to function under specific conditions. Essentially, that app is created to interact with Samsung’s Smart Things family of smart devices and sensors; simply you can create rules which tell your devices to perform specific actions. For example, you can set your front door to automatically unlock when you arrive home or turn on a light if there is any detected motion.

Latest 360 Degree Selfie Camera Photography

This Selfie camera was invented by Hufkens. He is an ecological researcher at Harvard. The main purpose to introduce 360 Degree selfie camera to capture the images from Massachusetts forest to a website.

The camera is used to create 360 Degree pictures for the visitors to view the complete photography through images.

We can monitor the images by computer cursor, Smartphone or tablet to watch the entire forest area. By looking the images, in reality, rotate the picture with moving their head. After completion of photo shoot age, they will be transfer to the computer system and a software makes the images to view like seamless pictures .finally the file will be converted into another format that may view easily.

It captures the images 360 degrees horizontally and vertically is not going to capture the images. One can easily watch the footage of any stranger entire into the forest.

China Launching Lunar Space Probe in Moon

Yesterday china has announced plans to launch a space probe for to take back samples from the moon advanced this end of the year in state media appearance as competition to US President Donald Trump eagerness to revitalize US space exploration.

The change 5 lunar probes will be conducted a final round of tests and are supposed to be on standby for launch from August. The official people daily responded meeting at the china national space organization.
After this launch, there will be new challenges involve for china in sample collection from the moon and high speed with re-entry to the Earth

Environment. He announced that china is one of the most complex and difficult space missions Hu Hao an official from china Lunar Exploration programmer said the paper.

Currently, the United States Trump Administration announced will be part of the goal to return the moon. Our country also announced a series of deep space exploration plans reviled in the official Science and upgraded with the latest technology

Latest Galaxy Samsung C7 with Features

Samsung Galaxy C7 phone with the 5.70-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels/1920 pixels and is powered by 2GHZ octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor. It comes with 4GB of RAM   and 32GB internal storage will be expanded to 128GB by microSD cards. Samsung Galaxy C7 front camera for selfies is 8 megapixels and the back camera is consists of 16 megapixels.

Android 6.0.1 version runs in Samsung galaxy C7 .it was powered by 3300mAh nonremovable battery and measures height, width, thickness is 156.60,77.20,6.70and total weight 165.00grams.

In Samsung Galaxy C7 is consists of dual Sim in smartphones will be supported such as connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,3G and 4G, GPS.The proximity sensor is added along with Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor.

Honda Created 3D-Printed Car for Toshimaya

Toshimaya is one store organization that found itself in need of a transportation vehicle that stayed compact sufficient to navigate the narrow streets in Kamakura Administration that were presently south of Tokyo in Japan. Essentially before Honda teamed up among the 3D printing technicians at Kabuku to develop up with an innovative solution with additive manufacturing.

Each resulting transportation vehicle is not a full sized car.but moderately a small mini car that boasts just sufficient space for a driver and a container full of boxed confectionery goods.

Whichever significant regarding the 3D-printed automotive pattern is that it is highly specialized for a single purpose indicating that there is plenty of potential for businesses in the future to have transportation vehicles and different cars tailor made to fit a very particular set of requirements.

Latest Technology Updated on Esight Glasses for Blind

One developed version of ESight’s technology built with investments of $32 million overhead the earlier decade is a device that uncertainly compares the visor used by the blind Star Trek appearance Geordi La Forge played by LeVar Burton.

Unique third generation model lets wearers expand the video supplies up to 24 times compared to just 14 times in earlier models. Whereas a hand control for adjusting brightness and variation. This new glasses too come with a more powerful high sharpness camera. Esight means, not the only company focused on helping the legally blind. Different organizations working on high-tech glasses moreover relevant tools combine Aira, or cam, Third Eye, NuEyes, and Microsoft.

However, largest of them stand to do something very different. Although their strategies also involve cameras connected toward glasses others seem to increase live video. Alternatively, they capture still images analyzed them with picture identification software also then produce an automatic voice that represents something these wearer is watching at everything from a kid to words written on a page.

Samuel Markowitz an Academy of Toronto teacher of ophthalmology, states that eSight’s glasses stay the full gifted option for the legally blind currently possible because they can enhance vision at coming and far distances additional all in connecting.

Globally Next connected Digital Society with 5G

It is one of the technologies growing in all over the world now it is time to come in India. The 5G wireless data is going to connect at least 100 billion devices and the user experience is capable 10 GB/s at low response time. Radio access will be going to implemented with 5G technology. Wireless innovation is to drive the social growth and economic .5G is going to present zero distance connectivity between users and connected machine devices.

In past generation for wireless networks are maintained with fixed radio parameters and finally spectrum blocks. Whereas 5G is going to allow any spectrum and access any technology for the good delivery services.5G with new features will support the network deployments and ultra radio networking with self-backhauling, a device to device communication and also dynamic spectrum reformulate the radio access sharing infrastructure.

Coverts Air to Water

Jonathan Ritchey has created the Watermill that means an atmospheric water generator. This changes air toward the fresh water.

Here modern technology creativity produces fresh water at a cost of around 3 cents per liter 1 quart. Independently produced for domains those don’t have fresh drinking water this Watermill denotes for houses that prefer an eco-friendly cost-effective option to bottled water.

Atmospheric water generators transform air toward water during the temperature from the air converts saturated by including enough water vapor so it starts to condense dew period.

It is unique because this Watermill means that it has intelligence told Ritchie. That presents each appliance higher efficient. This samples some air every 3 minutes on determining for most efficient chance to change this air into water.

This will tell you as for to change that carbon filter then will automatically shut itself off if it could not make pure clean water.