Allu Arjun DJ Film First Look

The first look of latest Allu Arjun upcoming movie is DJ.He was going to play a Vijayawada panthulu and it is into the catering business. Logo in the scooter filled with vegetables by the Stylish star is riding. Annapurna caterings Satyanarayanapuram Agraharam in Vijayawada and the director Shankar wants to reveal the details of the Allu Arjun character in the movie. Whereas teaser will be releasing soon in coming days will answer your questions he told that Bunny was never done a role like this in his previous films.

In styling of the character shows that sure looks like a first for Allu Arjun .he performing like very realistic, sweet, innocent young man are on larger than life mission. It is much grounded and real shows stylish Suparna that clear on his goal in life. Allu Arjun Plays passionate young Brahmin boy is wearing traditional dhoti with a silver border and saffron kanduva is reflective in his iron will. So Allu Arjun appears in a simple well cut shirts by wearing leather sandals and accessories rings and rudraksha.

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