Watch Fast and Furious 8 2nd Official Trailer now

Most eagerly waiting for Fast and Furious 8 Second official trailer was released today. The trailer shows high octane action and action lovers will never miss it.

Star cast performers of the film are Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Charlize Theron.

In this part 8, Charlize Theron plays the role of main antagonist going to hacks complete computerized cars with help of technology.Fast and Furious 8 will be released on April 14th in 2017.

Watch the Trailer here:


What is Brain Computer interface and how it work

Brain-computer interface is a combination between brain and device which alerts the signal from brain to some external activity to control the parenthetic arm. The interface set up a communication path between the brain and device to be controlled. Whereas Signals are reading from the array of neurons by using the computer chips program to convert the signal into action.

The major challenges are facing through brain-computer is now basic mechanism interface itself. Device EEG means Electro-encephalo-graph is a device which consists a set of electrodes in one Device that is attached to the scalp. Electrodes can read the brain signals. Therefore skull blocks huge electrical signals in the brain.

To obtain a high-resolution signal from the brain, Scientists will place the electrodes directly on the gray portion of the brain or on the surface of the brain near to skull. Which allows the more receiving of electrical signals they are going to place electrodes in the specific area of the brain.

Ios and Android app for Home Automation

One easiest process to understand technology’s underlying design is its efficiency. Whenever anything can be created to solve a difficulty or create a process more efficient, technology can move a long way to enhance our days. By the beginning of IoT internet of information, the future of smart devices has succeeded. However, the ecosystem of these devices is quite costly and complex externally a single solution.

Consider an example house automation including the thousands of gadgets and apps that have emerged from large producers to viral Kick starter operations.To home automation, maximum apps or IoT devices operate indifferently the one should control particular actions like turning on a coffee maker or locking your front door. It’s grand to have these controls, but perhaps you want just a little more customization.

Although only available currently on iOS devices, the Smart Rules app allows you sync over multiple IoT home appliances to function under specific conditions. Essentially, that app is created to interact with Samsung’s Smart Things family of smart devices and sensors; simply you can create rules which tell your devices to perform specific actions. For example, you can set your front door to automatically unlock when you arrive home or turn on a light if there is any detected motion.

Why Women’s Day?

International women’s day will be celebrated in every year on March 8th.As you all know the women’s day is a special day for women’s and we don’t know the mystery behind Women’s day.In 1909 socialist party in America on February 28th.The celebration of women’s day is achievements of women.

In August 1910  international women conference was conducted in Denmark by the inspiration of American socialist and German socialist Luise Zietz has announced by feminist and they have not yet decided the date in the conference.A Hundred women from 17 countries accepted to promote the equal rights for women.

In 1913 Russian women’s are struggled by doing some women –led strikes and marches for the international Women’s day. Trafalgar square is supported for women suffrage in London on March 8 .Sylvia Pankhurst has arrested in front of charging cross station.

At October revolution both Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai and Vladimir Lenin was declared an official holiday for the women at the Soviet Union and it was working day until 1995.May 8th USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet has declared the international women’s day is the Non-working day.Finally, Russia completely declared the official holiday on March 8th is the international women’s day.

Latest 360 Degree Selfie Camera Photography

This Selfie camera was invented by Hufkens. He is an ecological researcher at Harvard. The main purpose to introduce 360 Degree selfie camera to capture the images from Massachusetts forest to a website.

The camera is used to create 360 Degree pictures for the visitors to view the complete photography through images.

We can monitor the images by computer cursor, Smartphone or tablet to watch the entire forest area. By looking the images, in reality, rotate the picture with moving their head. After completion of photo shoot age, they will be transfer to the computer system and a software makes the images to view like seamless pictures .finally the file will be converted into another format that may view easily.

It captures the images 360 degrees horizontally and vertically is not going to capture the images. One can easily watch the footage of any stranger entire into the forest.

IISC Top 10 Educational Institutes in Global Ranking

Indian Institute science in Bangalore has grown that leading Indian educational Institution to introduce this for the top 10 of a global ranking for universities.

IISC has been placed eighth in the times higher education. The rankings 2017 toward particular best small universities category joining the elite list that covers California Institute of technology Caltech from the US, Ecole Normale Superieure from France.Moreover Pohang Academy of science and technology in south Korea.

Small universities with a student strength of lesser than 5,000.Human Resource Development HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar was appreciated IISC for the recognition.

This is one of the good news for us because the identity of our organizations must be ranked among the world highest 10 universities that prove our determination to enhance the quality of education at all levels and expanded focus on analysis and innovation, he stated at sidelines at an event here.

China Launching Lunar Space Probe in Moon

Yesterday china has announced plans to launch a space probe for to take back samples from the moon advanced this end of the year in state media appearance as competition to US President Donald Trump eagerness to revitalize US space exploration.

The change 5 lunar probes will be conducted a final round of tests and are supposed to be on standby for launch from August. The official people daily responded meeting at the china national space organization.
After this launch, there will be new challenges involve for china in sample collection from the moon and high speed with re-entry to the Earth

Environment. He announced that china is one of the most complex and difficult space missions Hu Hao an official from china Lunar Exploration programmer said the paper.

Currently, the United States Trump Administration announced will be part of the goal to return the moon. Our country also announced a series of deep space exploration plans reviled in the official Science and upgraded with the latest technology